April 14 2023

#228 Marcus Goguen & WeiTien Ho



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Introducing Marcus Goguen and Wei Tien Ho, two of the most exciting, up and coming big mountain skiers in the scene. The two Whistler locals have been friends since they were kids and are now starting to make their names known, not only through their impressive feats displayed on their instagram feeds but also in competition. Marcus proved himself after receiving a wild card on the FWT this season and Wei Tien earned a spot on tour next year, qualifying through the Challenger tour.

The guys are also very skilled mountain bikers. Wei Tien is sponsored by Commencal bikes, as well as skis, and is competing on the U21 Enduro curcuit. Also, make sure to keep an eye out next fall as the pair both have been filming with TGR and Marcus, also with MSP


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