Mark Abma, Kristi Richards, and Solfeggio – Episode 27


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SolfeggioPro-skier Mark Abma and Olympian and holistic nutritionist, Kristi Richards own and operate Solfeggio. “An organic, farm to table restaurant inPemberton, BC.  I set up the studio and sat down with Mark and Kristi in the warm, cozy Solfeggio on a cold afternoon.

Mark and Kristi have always been environmentally and socially conscious.  Mark’s truck runs on and is, “Fueled by waste vegetable oil” which is proudly displayed on the tailgate.  They are actively moving towards getting their house off the grid and Mark, a few years back, started up an advocacy group called One Step, whose goal is to help skiers and ski resorts reduce their carbon footprint . “We are passionate about health and nutrition. We are passionate about our environment and sustainability. We are passionate about the community that we thrive in. We are passionate about educating and inspiring. This is us. This is Solfeggio.” -Kristi and Mark.

I spent close to 4 hours in the rustic space which is furnished with reclaimed wood fencing for the bar, driftwood on the ceiling which houses the light fixtures including and even old tractor saddles to sit in as you enjoy your meal.  We spoke about life before and after skiing, the challenges of opening a business that takes an immense amount of work and dedication, and Mark’s skills as an expert dish pig!  Kritsi taught me how to make almond milk and then turned that into a hot beverage specialty of theirs,  Solfeggio’s Golden Milk.  Simple and delicious.  See the recipe below.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much I as I did. The next time you’re in Pemberton, stop by and get yourself a bite!


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