#192 CK9 Studios (SeaDawgs) Simon Shave – Clay Mitchell



Simon Shave and Clay Mitchell are CK9 Studios, the hottest filmmakers in the biz right now. I’m talking specifically about movie making skills obviously.

Originally called the Seadawgs, The duo grew up together as friends in Nelson, BC. After pursuing their own interests for a while in their 20’s, they reunited with the focus of ski films. The two “apprenticed” for Sherpas Cinemas before they eventually left the nest to make the now classic, Sammy Carlson’s “Over Time”.

That film not only won awards but garnered attention from big commercial clients like BMW. The dawgs are at it again recently winning four IF3 awards for their work with Tatum Monod’s project, “Passage”, and Sam Kuch’s, “Here Goes”.

These guys are lots of fun who are as entertaining in conversation as their movies are to watch. Enjoy!

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