#130 Reine Barkered – In the Game

#131 Reine Barkered     Reine Barkered is a Freeride World Tour Skier from Åre, Sweden.  He is also a former World Champion.  Since winning the overall title in 2012, Reine has been a consistent threat at every FWT event since.   With his fast, hard charging, take no prisoners style of skiing, a podium […]

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#127 Markus Eder – For the Love Skiing

#127 Markus Eder       Markus Eder is one of the most well rounded skiers on the planet.  It’s easy to fall into hyperbole when trying to describe the merits of someone who you believe is the one of the best.  In his case, it’s the truth.  Raised in Klausberg, in the German speaking […]

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#125 Tanner Hall – The Catalyst is Skiing

Tanner Hall

#125 – Tanner Hall     Tanner Hall has always been a polarizing figure.  Most people have a opinion on who they think he really is.   I’ve come to learn that those opinions are usually wrong.   Tanner is competing on the Freeride World Tour and we connected in Golden BC, at the Kicking […]

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