#198 Rian Zetzer

Rian Zetzer throws backcountry backflips as easily as tossing a piece of Candy in your mouth. They’re just as sweet too.

Raised in Montana, Rian always rode horses growing up. In a trail riding competition at the age of nine she had a horse fall on her, breaking several bones which lead to her getting five knee surgeries before the age of 15. That’s wild considering she then went on to compete in Moguls on the NorAm tour.

She would eventually quit to pursue a free skiing career and credits Tatum Monod and Michelle Parker as two of her biggest influences.

Rain tells us about skiing and coaching on the glacier in the summers, navigating contracts and planning as a pro skier. She’s now a yoga instructor and still loves horses and plans on producing a sweet skijoring video. Pay attention to this one;

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