#45 FATMAP – Reinventing Mobile 3D Ski Maps – Misha Gopaul

#45 FATMAP  –    Reinventing Mobile 3D Ski Maps

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FATMAP co-founders Misha Gopaul and David Cowell are ski touring buddies.   On one of their trips in the Albanian alps, they got caught in a white out.   After an stint of “painful navigation” with a traditional map, they made their way back to camp.  That triggered a conversation between them in which they realized that traditional maps, while very useful, aren’t up to date with what is possible with today’s technology.  They decided to reinvent the way we navigate and ski in the outdoors.  With that, FATMAP was born.

Have you ever wondered,  How steep is that slope? What’s over that ridge?  Will that face be in the sun later today ? The amount of information we have about an area and how understand the terrain we travel in are both fundamental to the necessary experiences we all want, need and have in the outdoors.

FATMAP,  has built the world’s most detailed 3D outdoor mobile maps. By creating 3D models of mountainous areas, they’re profoundly changing the way we understand the terrain by offering new ways of extracting the terrain information we seek. These models then become the perfect vehicle for delivering area, expert and sport-specific data with every piece of information being geo-referenced, context-specific and created & updated by a community of experts.

They believe 3D maps are the future of outdoor mapping and that FATMAP can help everyone get the most from the outdoors.




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