#37 – Joe Schuster Liberty Skis Pro Model


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Liberty skis Joe Schuster is the kind of skier who wants to let his skiing do the talking.  Just look at his part in this season’s, The Recruitment, the first release from Superproof Inc.   Joe throws down.  Winning 3rd place and the Fan Favourite award this summer in the X-Games Real Ski Backcountry Video contest is no surprise when you see what he’s capable of.   You just won’t catch him telling you about it.  That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to talk though.  Joe was a great guest to have on the show. He speaks his mind and has a lot  to say about the things he’s passionate about.  A self promoter he is not.  He explains his wariness of social media and would rather leave it up to the rest of us, or his friends,  in the example of the “Sleepy Schusters” twitter page.

In this episode we talk about the poor winter (what else?)  Japan (again, what else),  working with his friends in the Superproof crew and developing his Joe Schuster Liberty Skis pro model.  Its a task he achieved  in a ridiculously short amount of time with the help of the great team at Liberty Skis.  Check out Joe on this episode of the LPP.



Joe’s X-Games Real Ski Backcountry Part

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