#202 MASON MASHON – Adventure Photographer



Mason Mashon is one of our favourite adventure photographers who lives on both sides of the lens as a snowboarder, a no-boarder, mountain biker and adventurer.

Frequently joined by Rory Bushfield, his photos perfectly capture the stories of their adventures in the mountains and on the coast. This includes flying to, and camping on remote west coast beaches to surf, camp and explore.

Mason also talks about embracing his indigenous identity, specifically with the use of his teepee as a home base for his exploits. He describes the benefits, lessons and challenges it has provided him as was way to connect with his heritage.

Mason also share his love for no-boarding and it’s difficulty to figure out its “three dimensional balance”. He’s even designed and builds his own boards.

If you enjoy looking at expertly taken photos of wild adventures, then Mason someone you need to follow.

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