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Adam Jaber sits behind a mic on the Low Pressure Podcast
Adam Jabber on the… Low Pressure Podcast.. Maybe



Adam Jaber is a ski shop kid. He grew up working at his family’s store, The Colorado Ski Shop, which is located in West Springfield Massachusetts ironically. He’s taken a lifetime of knowledge working with ski and bike gear, dealing with ski and bike people, and has funnelled that into a great podcast. The Out of Bounds Podcast

Jaber is a first generation American and tells us how his dad travelled from Palestine to the US to create a better life for his family. He worked hard to establish a business and raise a family in a very white part of the US. In a very white industry.

Being of Arab descent and owning a shop in the ski industry obviously presents its challenges. Adam explains how racism has affected the family over the years. Much of the time it’s subtle and goes unnoticed until after it occurs. Sometimes its blatant. Some people can’t handle the fact that his sisters, who wear hijabs, actually know the difference in swing weights between two different touring skis. He accepts that unfortunately, it is what is, and he takes it all with a a grain of salt.

I love to tease Adam about basically everything, especially about the new direction he’s taking with Out Of Bounds into Meme writing! He’s and extremely laid back, affable guy who is great to converse with. This was a really fun episode with lots of laughs.

If you enjoy the LPP you’ll enjoy his podcast as well! Go check it out and tell him we sent ya!


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