#182 Jim Niehues – Man Behind the Maps

James Niehues works in his home studio in Parker, Colorado on December 17, 2018.



James Niehues is the man behind the maps! If you’ve skied a resort in North America and needed a map to navigate the lifts and runs, there’s a good chance James drew that map.

For over 30 years James has hand drawn over 255 maps for 175 resorts around the world. He tells us that even with the improvements in technology and computer graphics, he still prefers to draw every tree individually.

A few years ago, James was approached by Todd Bennett, a fan of James’ work, and he proposed that James compile all his maps into a coffee table book. Through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, “The Man Behind the Maps” book became a reality. Now on their 6th printing they have sold close to 80,000 copies worldwide.

James says, “It’s a dream book. A book that you look at and dream about your next trip.”


The Man Behind the Map – James Niehues

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