#181 Stan Rey – Needs a Backyotomy

Stan Rey



Stan Rey Returns! We first spoke with Stan way back in our first season when he was joined by some friends and his now wife, Kelsey Serwa. Kelsey is kind of a big deal now so it’s just Stan for this one.

Stan is getting old. Well, he’s feeling old… and sore. Keeping up his instagram themed, Backy Sunday will do that to you. Huck Neck is the real deal my friends. Here Stan talks about his desire, if not need to mellow out a bit. On a recent trip, seasoned veteran , Chris Rubens pulled Stan aside and imparted some advice. “Take it easy”. We’ll see if he listens.

Despite the lockdown Stan tells us that they already have enough footage for the next Blank movie. That is impressive not only because of the Covid lockdown but also that we haven’t even gotten to the spring and “Big Line Season”.

This was a great conversation with a good bud so if you want to find out more Stan stories like the one with Stan being ultra hungover while watching his wife win an Olympic Gold medal, or his funny proposal story, or his family’s bakery, go Listen to Skiing.


Stan Rey’s Tips from the Pros.

Haven’t seen Magnetic? Stan’s got the first Segment.

Watch Stan at 3:45



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