#180 Hedvig Wessel – Driven for Success

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Hedvig Wessel is a perennial contender on the Freeride World Tour. The Norwegian skier has been inserting huge backflips into her comp runs, and is one of the driving factors for the recent acceleration in the progression of the Ski Women’s category at the FWT. She joins us right after winning the first event of the 2021 Season

Hedvig’s journey to the Freeride World Tour was definitely unique. She was a 2x Olympian in Moguls for Norway and had literally never been freesskiing when her coach entered her in a Freeride competition. It wasn’t long before she left moguls and decided to compete in freeriding full time.

Wessel was also the subject of the recent ski documentary, “Coach”, directed by Katie Burrell, which gave us a behind the scenes look of the Freeride World Tour. The film gave us access to the unique relationship between Hedvig and Lorrine Huber, who was acting as Hedvig’s coach. This is the first time we get to hear Hedvig’s opinions on the project.

We also talk about how Hedvig approaches her time away from skiing. She shares about her love of interior design, climbing, finishing her bachelor’s degree and much more.


Watch This Episode of Hedvig’s Way

Watch Hedvig’s Winning FWT Run – Ordino Arcalis 2021

Check the Big Backy at 00:43!



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