#175 Guillaume Tessier – Ski Cinematographer

Guillaume Tessier at the LPP Studios
Photo: Mark Warner



Guillaume Tessier has been one of the principal cinematographers for MSP for the last 2 decades. In that time he has captured some of the most iconic lines and memorable segments in the history of ski films. He lives behind the scenes and behind the camera so we’re excited to help share his story.

Originally from Montreal, Guillaume moved to Whistler in 1995 during a break from his job as a fashion photography assistant. He learned to speak English while working at an ice cream shop in the village and it was there he started to connect with the community. That winter, because of his photography background, he got hired as a Heli Ski photographer. He was so broke that he had a friend who worked at a rental shop give him skis to use every time they needed him to shoot.

He would soon connect with Mike Douglas and the boys in New Canadian Air Force and film the guys on the legendary, Poor Boyz Production’s film, “13”. That is where his filming career took off leading him to work with MSP and athletes like Shane McConkey, Seth Morrisson and Dean Cummings on trips of a lifetime.

Guillaume tells stories about working with the past legends of skiing and with future superstars like the Blondes. We discuss the unwritten rules about safety and protocols during film trips. He talks about his “Sugar Shack” to make maple syrup in Quebec , his significant recent weight loss and much more.


Check out Guillaume’s Demo Reel

Ski Movie 2: High Society – This classic segment with Shane McConkey, Seth Morrisson and Dean Cummings was one of Guillaume’s first MSP Trips. “Trip of a Lifetime” – Start at 31:24


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