#171 Isaac Freeland – 2020 FWT Champion

Isaac Freeland
2020 FWT Champion x Rookie of the Year



Isaac Freeland is the 2020 Freeride World Tour Champion and Rookie of the Year. That’s right, he took the overall title in his first season on the circuit! Now he’s on the LPP and we get to find out more about this relative newcomer who is shaking up the scene.

Issac grew up in San Diego and on a family trip to nearby Big Bear is where he fell in love with skiing. His passion would take him to finish school in Truckee, at the ski focused program, the Sugar Bowl Academy. He then moved on to the University of Utah in Salt Lake, where again, he wouldn’t be far away from the slopes. He’s now settled in Bozeman, Montana to explore and learn about the mountains in yet another part of the country.

In this episode we talk about his very supportive parents and his amazing story of being born deaf. He underwent corrective surgery at age 4 and recalls the moment of being able to hear for the first time. We also talk about his first huge season on the Freeride World Tour and how it was affected by the Covid-19 shutdown as well as his new CBD balm, “Freeski Arnica” produced by Blue Harvest and much more.



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