#166 Photographer Ilanna Barkusky

Ilanna Barkusky



Ilanna Barkusky is an award winning photographer from Vancouver BC who is taking the skills she’s developed on the slopes and is now bringing them to L.A. to open up new avenues for creativity. She is also a huge podcast fan and we are excited to have her as a guest on the LPP!

Photo Gallery by Ilanna

Ilanna LOVES skiing but she also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that mirrors her creativity. Like so many photographers adventure sports photography has been a stepping stone for her . She sees moving to California is an opportunity for her to network as well as cultivate the creative and professional growth which she is always striving for.

She tells us about the months long process of getting her drone pilot certification and how it helped her win at the Arial Photo Awards. Ilanna also discusses future projects as well as her desires and goals for endeavours on and off the mountain.




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