#163 Resurrection of Mountain Gazette

Mountain Gazette Editor Mike Rogge w/ his son Elliot



I’m not a scientist but if there’s one thing I know about the Universe, it’s balance. Yin and Yang. When one thing is done, something new fills that space. Given enough time, everything eventually balances itself out. Our life span as humans is so infinitesimally small that we rarely get to witness this equalization. But sometimes we do. Mike Rogge returns to the LPP to introduce the resurrection of Mountain Gazette Magazine.

With the recent loss of Powder Magazine and its sister titles the timing of Mountain Gazette’s return is serendipitous. With two issues planned per year, Mike explains that the mission of MG is to provide, “Premium, high quality reporting, story telling, poetry, photography, illustration and art.” He says, “This isn’t my magazine, it’s YOURS.”

In this episode Mike explains the origin story of this new version of Mountain Gazette. He explains the importance of creating a sustainable business model which includes treating MG’s contributors as valuable assets while making sure they’re compensated fairly and timely. He wants to foster talent and create bonds with his creatives that will last decades.

Mountain Gazette isn’t a replacement for what’s been recently lost but a timely balancing of the Force.


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