#159 Drew Petersen – Balancing the Dark and the Light



Drew Petersen is not only an amazing skier but he’s very proficient in Meme writing! When he’s not skiing big lines Drew is thinking up ways to make people smile. During our chat we talk about humour and the need for, “people to laugh at ski town culture.” Life is all about balance though. Drew opens up about the steps he takes in his journey to maintain his mental health.

Drew has had a bit of a challenging year physically. He recently had a small procedure on his hip, cracked his kneecap and was scheduled to go in for shoulder surgery the day after recording this episode. Considering we all have an abbreviated ski season, he knows this is the perfect year to fix yourself, rest and recover for both your body and your mind.

He also tells me he believes his long hair improves his skiing abilities and brings him good Karma; especially when he donates it. We talk about his home mountain of Arapahoe Basin, quarantine based Tinder, his time as an intern at Powder Magazine and much more.

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