#156 Katie Burrell – Finger on the Trigger



Katie Burrell the comedic force behind last year’s hilarious and refreshing not-ski movie, “Dream Job” joins us with her creative partner, filmer and silent companion, Colleen Gentemann to tell us about their next project!

On the strength of Dream Job, Katie and Colleen were approached by Freeride World Tour Athlete Hedvig Vessel and her coach and former competitor, Lorraine Huber. They wanted the Dream Team to follow and document their season and their personal dynamic through Katie’s unique perspective. Having not followed the FWT previously, Katie gushes about how being immersed in the culture has turned her into a mega fan and somewhat of a “Social Scientist” from her fly on the wall perspective.

We also get a little deeper discussing the current “Call-out Culture” in skiing’s social media as well as our personal rocky start. Buttons are pushed and triggers are pulled!

Katie has a strong personality which is what I think strengthens her appeal.  Being passionate and not afraid to speak her mind is, in my opinion, a necessary ingredient to creating good art whether it’s comedy, filmmaking or whatever she decides to do next.



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