#141 Mark Abma – The Mentor



Mark Abma is a legend in skiing but you probably already knew that. He’s been a staple in MSP’s annual ski films for the last 18 years and has graced the pages and covers of most if not all of your favourite mags. Mark returns to the LPP today tell us what’s going on in his life.

We talk about Mark’s new found role as, “Uncle Abma”, in MSP’s latest ski flick, “Return to Send’er”. He’s portrayed as the the wise, cagey veteran in the film which also features up and coming superstars, Sam Kuch, Logan Pehota and Karl Fosftvedt. He tells me he found himself not only imparting skiing wisdom to his new counterparts but also about life, and business as well.

Mark has always been on the leading edge of trying to live a sustainable life. We shares details about his truck which runs on veggie oil and about how he adjusts his life in beneficial ways including his new endeavour, the Elevation Collective. He is developing a commercial and residential building in Squamish which is focused on having a carbon footprint as low as possible.

We also cover skiing, his dome camp in Braelorne, his Tucker Snocat, Mark’s health and wellness regime and lots more.


Thanks to Eric Berger and Blake Jorgenson for the Photo Gallery


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