#140 Gus Rowley – The Farmer Who Skis

Gus Rowley on the LPP



Gus Rowley is a 4th generation Merino wool farmer from New Zealand’s South Island. The thing about New Zealand farmers is that many, if not all of them, are also ripping skiers. In this episode we get the actual origin story of one of the most important pieces of gear we pull on to start a day in the mountains, the Merino base layer.

Angus answers my questions about his daily routine which involves herding thousands of sheep through New Zealand’s high alpine terrain. He explains how the process of raising, collecting and processing the wool is done as sustainably as possible while upholding the highest standards in the welfare of his flock. Recently, the local have been bolstered by the increasing demand for wool from the outdoor industry. This was a fascinating conversation and one that I will be thinking of the next time I’m pulling on my base layers.




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