#139 Reuben Krabbe – Nebula Project

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Reuben Krabbe is an action sports photographer that seems to enjoy choosing projects that pushes himself out of his comfort zone. Those projects are figuratively, and quite literally, astronomical.

Reuben is still a young photographer but has established himself as one of the best and most creative in the industry. He’s on the LPP today to talk about his photo and film project, Nebula. Nebula is the third in a series of astronomical photos that depicts a skier and a unique celestial event in the same image. The first was a skier under the Aurora Borealis The second, and most famous, was the Eclipse photo. Now we have Nebula.

Here we discuss Reuben’s process for this project. That includes the challenges of finding success when pushing the boundaries of creativity. We also chat about his wacky, but hilarious, ski and bike adjustments, his advice to other photographers to, “sell out as fast as you can” and his involvement in Protect Our Winters Canada.


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