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#135 Maude Raymond





Maude Raymond’s home is where her dog is and they are usually hanging out together in her beloved VW Westfalia camper van.  After a long, awful year of terrible luck, injuries and personal setbacks Maude decided to simplify her life so she got a dog a van and hit the road.  As a very creative person, she realized that she needed less to create more and that the nomad life offered her an opportunity to do just that.  To be completely free to learn what she does and doesn’t want in life.

She tells us stories of that difficult time including one about a terrifying procedure to have a  screw removed from her leg and the weighty complications that followed.   Her close call in a helicopter accident, taking a ski to the eye in Japan and being detained in Mexico were all reasons for her decision to simplify.

Maude’s determination and resilience through all of this only strengthened her resolve to create something positive.  She went to school and created her brand, MAAD which enables her to harness her creativity and offers her endless opportunity. As of right now, Maude knows she is right where she needs to be.


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