#134 Freedle Coty – On the Level 1

#134 Freedle Coty

Freedle Coty has been a filmer and director for  Level 1’s annual ski movies for the past 17 years.  He’s seen an done a lot in this industry including his own short-lived ski themed podcast, “Snowblower”!

Freedle is from Vermont where he developed his love for the mountains.  He credits his creativity to the fact here wasn’t a television in his house growing up so he was forced to use his imagination as a child.   Around the age of 15, he wanted to start filming his friends while out skiing so he asked his parents for a camera, TV and VCR so he could watch his footage.  They agreed and that was the first step towards his future career combining the two things he loves.

We talk about the process of making ski movies and the difficulty of adapting to the ever changing watching habits of the skiers consuming that content.  How do you keep it fresh and keep people interested?  He says just  you need to stay interested and be surrounded by people that you like to work with and are just as stoked as you.



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