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#129 Tyler Curle



Tyler Curle, like most of the guests on this show, grew up in a skiing family.  Born and raised in Reno,  both of Tyler’s parents worked at Mt. Rose, the smaller, lesser skied hill in the Tahoe area.  His dad was a groomer and his mom has had her hand in almost everything thing else at the mountain.

Tyler is a young guy but has become not only a well rounded skier on the hill but has positioned himself behind the scenes in the industry as well.   He currently works for MOMENT Skis where he started as a teenage intern.  He would bank hours for credit to get a pair of skis for the winter.  Now he’s involved in a little bit of everything at the factory.

In between filming for MSP, and TGR promos for Squaw Valley, Tyler also attends the University of Nevada where he is pursuing a marketing degree.

Watch Tyler’s 2017 MOMENT Edit!

Tyler Curle 2017 Season Edit from MOMENT on Vimeo.

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