#120 – Photographer Bruno Long

#120 – Photographer Bruno Long

Bruno Long

Personally, some of my favourite episodes are with the ski photographers that visit the LPP.  They seem to have a different thought process when in the mountains.  Skiers see the lines the way they want to ski them.  Photographers see the lines the way they want to shoot them.  Photographer Bruno Long’s approach is one that, on a consistent basis, creates beautifully unique images.  Images that capture the eye in their simplicity and depth.  He sees potential in the ordinary and makes them special.



In this episode Bruno we talk to Bruno about his home in Revelstoke, BC and his contribution to its recent growth and how some may not see that as a good thing.  Bruno has lived in Revy for the last 14 years and, as he explains, has taken a long and thoughtful transition from working regular jobs such as a groomer,  among others, to becoming a full time photographer.

Bruno also discusses how the passing of his sister has taught him what’s really important in life. Through that difficult time and those lessons he’s gleaned, skiing, biking, or stressing to get the shot are secondary to family, friends and the things that you love.  It’s enabled him to stay centred and not get stressed out on the little things that don’t really matter.



To see more great photos visit – www.brunolong.com

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Bruno Long




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