#118 – Marty Schaffer / CAPOW Guidin’

#118 Marty Schaffer / Capow

Marty Schaffer

Marty Schaffer has a passion for skiing that he spreads to everyone around him.  He is the founder of CAPOW,  Canadian Powder Guides which is based out of the Blanket Glacier Chalet, the Schaffer family owned and operated backcountry lodge located in the Monashees.

Photos by Zoya Lynch

CAPOW is a different kind of guiding outfit.  The guides bring their own positive energy and all-round good vibes to address and tackle the uncertainties and hazards that present themselves in remote backcountry settings. They have two very important things: 1. Personality, and 2. Your Back. A CAPOW! guide’s approach is more than “I lead, you follow,” instead, they engage their guests to set them up for success when they head out on their own.

Marty’s boundless energy is the creative force behind all the unique camps and their interesting names.  You can tell that the time he spends on the skin track is the perfect breeding ground for delicious dad jokes, perfect puns and amazing acronyms.  If you want an experience in the mountains that is unlike another, give Marty a call.



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