LPP Summer Series 2.4 / Whistler Blackcomb Glacier Snowmaking Project – Arthur Dejong

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LPP Summer Series 2.4 / Whistler Blackcomb Glacier Snowmaking Project – Arthur Dejong

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This is is the fourth instalment of this season’s LPP Summer Series.  We’ve been up on the Glacier hanging out with the Camp of Champions this summer.  During our time  we’ve caught up and recorded with the Coaches, the Diggers and the featured guests at camp,  New Schoolers.com and Maude Raymond.  I made sure to ask everyone I spoke with about one specific topic.  Snowmaking on the glacier.

In mid June, Whistler Blackcomb announced a snowmaking pilot project that will assess whether they can blow enough man-made snow onto the Horseman Glacier to keep it from receding to a point where summer ski camps can no longer operate.  Climate Change, Global Warming or whatever you choose to call it is a hot topic right now.   This is especially true mid-summer on a melting glacier, after a couple of sub par winter seasons.  The Camp of Champions had to cancel 2 of it’s operating weeks due to the lack of snow.

Arthur Dejong is the Mountain Planning & Environment Resource Manager for Whistler Blackcomb.  He is the man behind the plan.  Arthur has resided in Whistler for many years and has a vested interest in keeping the local environment as safe and accessible as possible.  This is his home.  Arthur sat down with us and explained how and where and why Whistler Blackcomb is undertaking this project.  The answer, ultimately, is to benefit us: The Skiers.

This is a fascinating topic that could change how we approach commercial endeavours that hold close relationships with the environment.


Horstman Glacier and Tbar Blackcomb Mountain

P. Paul Morrison Taken from Whistler Blackcomb Press Release


READ the Whistler Blackcomb Press Release:




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