LPP Summer Series 2.2 / Camp of Champions – The Diggers – Lucas Ouellete, Ahren Stein

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LPP Summer Series with Camp of Champions – The Diggers  – Lucas Ouellette, Ahren Stein

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CoC2Part 2 of the LPP Summer Series at the Camp of Champions features the Diggers. These guys are the caretakers of the lanes. They shape, maintain and also throw down on all the features in the park. In this episode we spoke with Ahren Stein and Lucas Ouellette. Ahren is a digger. He and the other diggers are responsible for maintenance of the park throughout the day. They make sure the park is salted so the snow on the in runs are firm and fast. They rake the take-offs and landings so no big ruts appear. If a rail starts to list or fall over in the quickly melting snow, they’re there to put it right. They’re more like park ninjas because they’re up there all day and you barely ever see them.

Lucas is the guy who builds all the features in the park. He designs, shapes and maintains all features with the snow cat. Apparently its pretty difficult to shape a jump when the heat is melting it like a popsicle on the pavement. He’s been doing it for a long time and has developed a good eye for what needs to be done to keep one of the best summer parks in the world up skiing smoothly.


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