#82 Alexi Godbout – The Blank Collective

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#82 Alexi Godbout

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In this episode with Alexi Godbout we talk about so many different things its hard to keep track.   I’ll do my best to summarize for you.

I made sure to learn about Alexi’s roots in skiing.   Alexi grew up in the resort town of Mount Tremblant, Quebec and both his parents are Level 4 ski instructors with the CSIA.  He was going to be a skier whether he wanted to or not.   Like many of the guests on this show, he started out ski racing and quickly found that freeskiing was more his style.  When he made the switch Alexi, now 26, got his first sponsorship with Salomon at age 10 and has been with them ever since.


Photos supplied by Alexi Godbout.


Alexi tells us about the Blank Collective and the theme of, “Bearings”,   Blank’s current video project.  We also touch upon his life away from skiing.  Tinder, hitting deer with his car, knee injures (of course), spending time in the gym and working as a correctional officer at a prison in the Arctic are all covered in this episode of the LPP.



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