Episode 20 – Mike Douglas and the Snowman Film

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There are very few people who have done more for skiing than Mike Douglas. “The Godfather”,  has managed to stay relevant in a sport in which the personalities involved have a very short shelf life.  Mike has innovated new ski technology, progressed the sport with new tricks, explained the sport to the masses with his X-Games commentary and has now moved into film.  His company, Switchback Entertainment, has set the bar for skiing with the web series, Salomon Freeski TV, which has released more than 100 episodes. The most recent is with Mike’s own Hero in skiing, Scot Schmidt.  He’s taken what he’s learned there and is stepping it up with a new full length feature movie. He’s calling it the Snowman Project.

These are a couple frames from Mike’s INSTAGRAM account from the Snowman Film

Salomon Freeski TV –  Legend Scot Schmidt

Salomon Freeskt TV – Super Pillows


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