Episode 13- Photographer Blake Jorgenson

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Blake Jorgenson is a very accomplished photographer who has been published in countless skiing publications and has won many a photo competition.  The notoriety isn’t what drives Blake to get that “perfect shot”.  In speaking with Blake I could see how passionate he is about his craft and how that passion bleeds in to every image.

Check out Blake’s Website


Here is a small gallery of some of Blake’s work.

2013_04_BJ_WBcrystal-5035 2013_02_BJ_pettitwhis-5545-2 2013_01_BJ_hurley-0834 2013_01_BJ_FlahrWB-0227 2012_12_BJ_Rossiwhis-8352 2011_03_BJ_oakley-bral-9982 2011_02_BJ_kashmir--2-10 2009_BJ_AK_-8511 065 026 002BJP_6647-Edit

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