Episode 1 – Ian McIntosh & Chris “Dirt” Popielarz

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I couldn’t be happier with how this first episode worked out. I was definitely a little nervous. All the planning and hard work had come down to this. Would we be able to find things to talk about? Would it be interesting? The answer? HELL YES!

Ian and Dirt talk about their recent BASE jumping trip to Norway and Italy this past summer. Instead of only hearing funny stories of their trip, they also explain about the fear, joy and the multitude of emotions experienced that coincide with throwing yourself off a perfectly good cliff! I got the sense from them that choosing to do this, as one would expect, has given them a stronger sense of who they are and what’s important in their lives.

I wasn’t only entertained by their stories but I was also inspired listening to their philosophies on life and living. Philosophies that one would expect to hear from people who live their lives to the fullest.





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