#34 – Nicolas Teichrob – Cody Townsend – LPP Short

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The end of January through February is tradeshow season for the ski industry.   Three big events are the Outdoor Retailer (OR) show, SIA (SnowSports Industries America)  and ISPO in Europe.  These shows are gatherings of the entire ski and snowboard industry.  It’s the place where all the brands get to show off next year’s gear to buyers from around the world who will potentially be putting those products in store windows next season.

They aren’t the only people attending.  Marketing managers and advertising agents are there representing their brands.  Team managers and their athletes are there discussing the new specs and giving input. You’ll also see a lot of big name skiers walking the through the maze of booths representing their brands and making connections with potential new sponsors as well.

I went to the SIA show in Denver repping the Low Pressure Podcast this year. I recorded a couple converstations while cruising the floor at the convention centre. I ran into Nicolas Tiechrob from Dendrite Studios film company who was at the show pitching some sponsors for an upcoming project with Dendrite. I also recoded a chat with Cody Townsend, the head honcho of our show sponsor Arcade Belt company. They were both there for very different reasons so I decided to find out why.  Enjoy!


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