Olympic Silver Medalist Kelsey Serwa, Stan Rey, Dave Gheriani Ep.28

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Stan Rey, Kelsey Serwa They’re BACK!  She told us if she won an Olympic Medal at the Sochi Games,  she would come back to visit the LPP.   Well… Kelsey Serwa has returned because she won the Silver Medal in the Women’s Ski Cross!!

Kelsey Serwa, Stan Rey and Dave Gheriani all returned to the studio for another really super fun episode. Kelsey tells us about her Olympic experience and how life has changed since. She’s taking a year off of racing to give her body some time to recover after years of wear and tear with racing skier cross. She’s taking advantage of the time off and has started attending university in BC.

Stan Rey, who seems to be everywhere right now is skiing’s version of the entertainment world’s “It Girl”. If you don’t know who Stan is, you will soon. The last time he was on the podcast, he had just been called and told he would be leaving for Japan 48 hours later for an episode of Salomon Freeski TV. Stan was also the star of the hilarious, viral video, “How to Be a Skier”. He won  the Monster Enemy Lines race 2 years running and is invited to this year’s  Red Bull Cold Rush.

I wanted to pick Stan’s brain and hear about his Japan experiences because the LPP, Dave and myself, will going there this month and are taking you with us! We’re headed to Japan and will be documenting the entire trip and will share with you what’s involved in planning, travelling to and skiing in the Land of the Rising Sun.

This episode was full of laughs and we go into depth about the wonders of the Japanese 7-11 and their amazing robotic toilets, Stan’s recent skiing adventures and Kelsey’s Olympic ass-kickery!


Watch Kelseys Medal Winning Run:

How to be a Skier, starring Stan Rey:

No Cats were harmed during the recording of this episode.

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