#96 SKI THE EAST w/ Chris “Rooster” James and Geoff McDonald

Ski The East

#96 Ski The East       Chris “Rooster” James and Geoff McDonald created,  SKI THE EAST,  the rally cry and East coast skiing’s main identifier.  The two friends met in college while creating a “Jackass” style show for the campus’ TV station.  After multiple citations and several threats of getting kicked of school filming […]

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#94 Sven Kueenle – Set Goals For Success

#94 Sven Kueenle       This week we have German Freeskier, Sven Kueenle.   I connected with Sven while at the IF3 festival in Montreal. He was there to support the latest Legs of Steel film, “Same Difference”.   Sven spent more time travelling to the event than he was able to spend there […]

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