#99 ABM – Alex Beaulieu Marchand

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#99 ABM /Alex Beaulieu Marchand

      Alex Beaulieu Marchand otherwise known as ABM has been skiing since he was in diapers.   His parents would actually change them on the gondola in between laps.  It seems like getting started at such an early age has done wonders for ABM.  He tells us about being surprised with a spot as the only Canadian to compete in Slopestyle at the Sochi Olympics as a 19 year old and his outlook for the upcoming Games in Peyongchang, Korea.
  Getting to achieve a spot to compete for your country is never an easy task.  ABM explains how he has compete not only against the other skiers in Slopestyle but against other Canadians in the entire Freestyle Canada program.  5 disciplines fall under the Freestyle Canada umbrella:  Moguls, Aerials, Ski Cross, Halfpipe and Slopestyle.   Within those 5 only 30 athletes, men and women,  are chosen to represent the Maple Leaf.   Those who perform the best are the ones who get to go.  It’s that simple without being simple at all.



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