#96 SKI THE EAST w/ Chris “Rooster” James and Geoff McDonald

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#96 Ski The East




Chris “Rooster” James and Geoff McDonald created,  SKI THE EAST,  the rally cry and East coast skiing’s main identifier.  The two friends met in college while creating a “Jackass” style show for the campus’ TV station.  After multiple citations and several threats of getting kicked of school filming stunts for “Meathead Films”,  the two took the energy they put into jeopardizing their education with filming college kids being idiots into filming skiers shredding the East Coast slopes.

During the decade of filming and releasing ski movies,  the Ski The East phrase came from scribble on a chalkboard one night at a local bar and stuck.  It perfectly summed up what they were doing.   After attaching the label to t-shirts that were used as promotional accompaniments to the films,  they realized that the monicker was building it’s own following and they decided to dive deeper into it.   Fast forward a few years and SKI THE EAST has become a pillar of East Coast skiing culture that locals identify with.


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