#93 Tatum Monod – Won’t hold you back.

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#93 Tatum Monod




Tatum Monod came to the LPP Studios with her little dog Taj to sip some whiskey and have a conversation. Right off the bat we wanted to find out how Tatum got her start in skiing.  She grew up in a family of skiers.  Her Grandfather, originally from Chamonix, was a mountain man,  her dad was a member of the Canadian Ski Team and the family business is, you guessed it, is a ski shop.  She wasn’t forced into it though.  They let her decide when it was time.  When that time came…. she decided to snowboard!

In this episode Tatum discusses her thoughts on the state of  progression in Women’s skiing.  She tells the story of having her entire online presence disrupted by a hacker based in Saudi Arabia which is somewhat resolved.  I ask about the major injury she suffered at the end of last season. Having experienced a similar fate last year I was curious as to how she was progressing.  She tells us that its definitely  been a long, tough process.  Not only is she getting help for the physical issues associated with this with from help doctors and physiotherapists but also utilizing advice from a councillor to keep her head right.  It’s easy to get depressed and down when dealing with a traumatic injury.  I was very happy to hear her share this as mental health is a topic that needs to be given a bit more attention.

I was honoured to have Tatum stop by the studio and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Follow Tatum… if her accounts haven’t been hacked again.

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Cover Photo by Blake Jorgenson



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