#89 Chris Logan – Enter the Mind Gym

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#89 Chris Logan

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Chris Logan has spent most of the winter travelling around BC with Parker White and the Big Picture crew.  While in Whistler, as all skiers should, he stopped by the LPP Studios for a chat.

Logan, a native of Long Island NY, tells us about going to “ski” school at Mt. Snow in Vermont.   It’s not what you’re thinking.  He went to a ski high school where he attended classes some of the time and went skiing the rest of the time.  Where was this when I was growing up!!?


We cover a range of topics such as his big family of skiers including his sister, Sochi silver medalist Devin Logan and his big bro Sean Logan the filmer / editor MVP of their Big Picture crew.  We talk sports,  motivational books and my favourite,  crock pots!!   This is a good one.  Stay tuned for the crock pot cooking show.

The Big Picture: MOVE 1

The Big Picture – Move 1 from The Big Picture on Vimeo.


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