#88 Daniel Rönnbäck – Journey Through Photography

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#88 Daniel Rönnbäck

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Swedish photographer, Daniel Rönnbäck stopped in at the LPP Studios while in Whistler to compete in the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown at the World Ski and Snowboard festival.  He decided to accept the invitation to the contest  because it happened to coincide perfectly with the JP Auclair Memorial event.  Daniel talks about shooting with JP as well as Andreas Fransson who happened to be a heavy influence in Daniel’s career trajectory.



Daniel spent his teenage years living and breathing ice hockey but stopped, cold turkey, to start training to be a high level ski instructor.   This decision was heavily influenced by Andreas.  As Daniel trained and climbed the ladder of the  Swedish Ski Instructor’s association it was Andreas who, once again, influenced Daniel and convinced him to transition to taking photos full time.

Daniel spends 300+ days on the road shooting and working.  He tells us about how he was forced to learn how to pack for big ski trips,  how spending time in nature is where he is most comfortable and how he “doesn’t really know anything about cameras.




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