#81 Amie Engerbretson – Passion for Skiing with a Fallback Plan

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#81 Amie Engerbretson – Passion for Skiing with a Fallback Plan

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This week we have the lovely Amie Engerbretson on the LPP!   As we always do,  we cover a lot of topics with Amie in this episode.  To start off the show she talks about getting caught in an avalanche an few years ago.  It was milestone event in her life which has been a catalyst in how Amie has changed her approach to the mountains.  It was captured on video and the mistakes that were made due to a lack of decision making were shared across the skiing community.  Fortunately these mistakes came at a fairly low cost but have been huge in creating more awareness as Amie shared her experiences and owned up to the lack of judgement in a wide reaching post on her website.

We get to know Amie as well.  She talks about her Dad and former pro skier /current photographer and filmer Jeff Engerbretson.  Amie shares about ski trips with her fellow women shredders and the dynamics and the smells of said trips. Amie has a degree in Media Management and spends a lot of her time off her skis working with various productions as well as consulting.  Skiing is a her passion but “you gotta have a fallback plan”


Shit Skier Girls Say: Backcountry Edition from Unicorn Picnic Productions on Vimeo.


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