#79 SLVSH w/ Matt Walker and Jason Mousseau

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#79 SLVSH with Matt Walker and Jason Mousseau

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This episode we examine the phenomenon that is SLVSH.  Phenomenon?  Yes.  SLVSH is basically a game of HORSE on skis played between two excellent athletes,  filmed and edited then released weekly.  What makes it so important is that its a concept that is at the leading edge of the changing media landscape.  The digital content world and how to utilize it is changing yearly if not monthly.  Everything gets put online, is easy to access and for the most part, is free.   It’s extremely easy for any of this content to be borrowed(stolen), repurposed and shared to benefit a completely separate outlet that had nothing to do with it’s creation.  That’s how they are setting themselves apart.  Their games and content are completely proprietary.  They control all of it.  But it’s not easy.


Photos Courtesy of SLVSH


Matt Walker and Jason Mousseau chat with us about how they navigate this Wild West of digital content management. They also discuss SLVSH itself as well as their app SLAPP.  SLAPP is on online skiing community where people can watch, learn and upload tricks.  This is great for not only the progression of the sport but also getting kids engaged in skiing.




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