#77 Rory Bushfield – Airplanes and Teepees

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#77 Rory Bushfield

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Rory Bushfield has a million stories. That’s because he’s had about a million adventures. Bushy lives his life the way most of us can only dream. Major decisions are made in an instant inspired by something as simple as a song.



Bushy tells us about driving to Mexico just to escape the cold, dark Squamish fall. I asked him about the reality TV show Splash, which he won, where celebrities have to learn how to dive. He also tells a few stories about one of his favourite things, flying his plane. Rory is in the process of fitting the plane with skis so he can eventually find an create a landing strip on a nearby glacier. We also learn about his Teepee in the mountains and getting there with his dog Dex.

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