#73 – Sherpas Cinema w/ Dave Mossop and Leo Hoorn

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#73 – Sherpas Cinema w/ Dave Mossop and Leo Hoorn

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This week we are welcomed into the Sherpas Cinema studios! OG Sherpa and co-founder Dave Mossop and Sherpas’ Director of Photography Leo Hoorn sat down with me and told me all of their secrets… ok… maybe not all their secrets but I did get a good idea of where they came from and how they produce such a consistently excellent quality of work.

Dave tells us how the Sherpas, formerly the Rocky Mountain Sherpas, was in part, created out of tragedy and how he and fellow founders Eric Crosland and Malcolm Sangster moved forward from there. Some seem to think the Sherpas have the midas touch. Everything they do is visually stunning and sets the industry standard. The midas touch must be putting in thousands of hours of work and meticulously crafting everything they do down to the most minute detail then. These Guys put in the work and it shows.

Man and the Mammoth Some early work from the Sherpas

The Man and the Mammoth from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

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Dave Mossop

Leo Hoorn

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