#69 – Chris Rubens – Environmental Shame Spiral

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#68 – Chris Rubens – Environmental Shame Spiral

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Chris Rubens is our guest this week!!  I went on a quick mission to Revelstoke to help a friend move and decided that I would make the trip worthwhile and get some work done.

Photos by: Bruno Long / Christina Lusti

I went over to Chris’  house which, as I entered, found to be warm, cozy with the comforting scent of cedar.   Chris and I spoke about Salomon’s recent film”Guilt Trip”, which features Chris,  highlights the changing climate from the perspective of a remote ski camp in Greenland.   The environment and how it relates to skiers as well as how its influenced by politics is something we discuss quite a bit but not in a terribly serious, “the world is gonna end” kinda way.  We keep it light and fun.  Just like skiing is supposed to be.



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