#66 – Watkin and Oscar McLennan – RV Ski Trip

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#66 – Watkin and Oscar McLennan – RV Ski Trip

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I met Oscar and Watkin McLennan where I meet most people I know.  On the Mountain.  The brothers from Australia were in Canada collecting content for Chillfactor Magazine and Mountainwatch.com which both have their fingers on the pulse of Australian skiing.

I got to take the the bros,  who are actually anything  but ski “Bros”, on a tour of Blackcomb on a cherry of a day.  Bluebird, powdery, goodness greeted us.  There is nothing better than getting it good at your home resort and being able to show it off at the same time.

Watkin and Oscar share their collective travel and skiing experiences as well as discuss skiing as a religion, which is sure to be what I mark down on the next Census.  I am a Ski-ist.




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