#56 – Weekend Warriors – Ryan Perrie, Bob McCuaig

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#56 – Weekend Warriors – Ryan Perrie, Bob McCuaig

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You’ve got to love the Weekend Warriors.  The are the guys and girls who dream all week about getting up on the slopes while living lives that my not be easily integrated to life in the mountains. Perhaps they have a great job that keeps them in the city that only allows for a trip to the hill with an early Saturday morning drive.  Perhaps they are raising family and it’s virtually impossible to warrant taking time to indulge in such a selfish desire as a mid week pow day.

Real life comes first to the majority of skiers.  Only a very, very few get to live the life we all dream about, being able to ski everyday.  Everyone has their reasons.   In this episode we have a really funny chat with two of Mark’s oldest friends, who happen to fall under the  Weekend Warrior category, about their love for skiing and the struggle of juggling life, work and family so they can get a chance to get up to the mountain.

Thanks to Ryan Perrie and Bob McCuaig for joining the show and for being great guys and better friends!




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