#51 – Kalen Thorien – Mountains, Deserts and Music

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#51 – Kalen Thorien  – Mountains, Deserts and Music

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Kalen Thorien is living the life most of us only dream about. I like that she decided to forgo paying rent to buy a trailer and spends most of her time outside split between both the mountains and the desert. I’d say she is a free spirit. Not the patchouli smelling, starbucks drinking, airy fairy free spirit but the kind that feels a massive draw towards experiencing the outdoors. The kind of free spirit whose every major life choice leads her closer to nature and her ability to enjoy it at a level that few people ever get to experience. That plus she’s funny.

Kalen came to the LPP Studios and spoke about all kinds of things from experiencing her first powder face-shot to playing her viola amongst the Grand Canyon’s walls, Francis, her good friend the Land Cruiser and more.  Kalen is friendly, funny, witty and can hold a great conversation. We can’t wait to have her back!


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