#40 – Eric Iberg – Inspired Media Concepts

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#40  Eric Iberg – Inspired Media Concepts

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inspired_logo1-200x200In this episode we chat with the man behind the scenes Eric Iberg.  Eric has been and continues to be an important piece in the skiing game.  The dedication and energy in which he inputs into our sport is very seldom matched.  Eric is a thinker and an innovator.   What hasn’t been done before?  What would make this better?  These are two questions that I assume are always floating around in his head.

He’s a film maker and has produced many ski films with titles like 2001’s “Royalty”,  to 2010’s, “Like a Lion”  the story about long time friend Tanner Hall.  He’s also a Co-founder of Armada skis which started with the vision of what a ski company should be and is now setting the standard.

Today Eric talks with us about Inspired Media Concepts.   Inspired was founded by Eric and Tanner Hall in 2010 as foundation for the creation of the yearly ski movies they wanted to create.  Inspired has taken on many forms and now includes scheduled shows trough the internet that allow professional and amateur skiers a place to tell their stories and document their style of skiing.

Eric wants wants to challenge you.  He wants you to create and develop opinions.  Sometimes he does it in drastic ways. Ultimately he believes that if you have a brain, use it.  Think, discuss, evolve.  Don’t be beige, it’s boring.


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