# 39 – Doug Bishop – Publisher at Newschoolers.com

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#39  – DOUG BISHOP –  Publisher at Newschoolers.com


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Ns 150 Doug Bishop has been the pillar of Newschoolers.com for the last decade. He’s been at the leading edge of what skiing as an industry has been doing since.  There have been a lot of changes. 10 years ago twin tips on skis were still pretty new. Crazy, I know. Along with all the progressions and innovations in skiing come innovations in the technology and methods of sharing skiing with the masses. Doug muses that Newschoolers was like Facebook for skiers way before Facebook even existed.  Doug is in Whistler for the annual World Ski and Snowboard Festival

In this episode we talk about the history of Newschoolers and the direction it’s heading in while trying to keep up and adapt to the quickly changing landscape that is the internet and ski sports media.



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